Purrpy cat go out breathable fashion small dog and cat carrying bag

cat carrier

  • [Product specifications]: Cat carrying size: 43cm*28cm*28cm, body weight: 1.02kg. Suitable for body weight (approximately) within 6 kg. Recommended pet types: cats, small dogs, and small animals. Easy to use, stylish cat carrying bag.
  • [Superior breathability]: 3 loading mouths: pets can be simply put in the cat and carried with you. Due to the large ventilation windows, you can see the pets in the process of carrying the cat, and the pets in the outside light and fresh air are also very comfortable. Through the upper window, relax the pet and facilitate hand feeding.
  • [Excellent safety]: In order to prevent mischief and accidents, all zippers have the function of preventing falling off, and there is a towing rope inside to prevent flying out. The cat is carried with PE board, which is stable and not easy to deform. Using a sturdy mesh material, there is no need to worry about damage to the cat.
  • [Convenient design]: The cat carries a shoulder strap with an adjustable length, a shoulder strap, and a hand-carry. There are 3 ways to use it. There is a pocket on one side, which can fully store pets’ cockatiels and other owner’s bottles and piglets. Foldable cat carrying: Because it can be folded and stored, it can stand in the gap of a closet or wardrobe.
  • [Guarantee of Purrpy]: From the day of purchase, the quality of the kitty's own quality during use. If there is a problem, the product can be replaced and refunded for free. Please feel free to contact us.