Purrpy Pet Carrier Backpck,Ventilation Small Dog Carrier Backpack

Pet Bag

😺【Good Ventilation】1.Entrance and Exit:pets can get in and out more easily.2.Big ventilation window:good mesh, you can clearly see the appearance of the pet inside. The sunshine and fresh air outside can also make the pet very comfortable. Comfort your pet with the window above. It's convenient to feed your pet by hand.3.Spacious space:Pets can move freely and feel good.
😺【High Security】1. Strong floor: the cat's backpack will not deform to ensure sufficient space. 2. Parts for preventing falling out: in order to prevent pranks and accidents, there are strap inside to prevent flying out. The zipper buckle prevents pets from escaping.
😺【Convenient Design】1. Pocket: pet's snacks and toys, owner's water cup and key can also be put inside. Pet garbage bags can be kept in special bags for easy carrying. 2. Convenience: adjustable shoulder strap length, easy to use cat carrier backpack. 3. Foldable: because it can be folded and stored, it can be also stored in the corner of the closet .